Names beginning with the letter L

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Laban Laurer Leslie Lisa Loyal
Lacey Lauri Lester Lisanne Luana
Lachlan Lauricia Letecia Lisbeth Luanna
Lacy Laurie Leticia Lisel Lubna
Ladislas Laurinda Letitia Lisette Luca
Ladislav Lavika Lettice Lissette Lucas
Laetitia Lavinia Lettie Litzy Lucia
Laica Lavon Letty Liv Luciana
Laila Lawrence Leva Livia Lucid
Laiz Lawson Levada Liyana Lucida
Laken Laxmi Levi Liz Lucie
Lakota Lazarus Levin Liza Lucien
Lakshmi Le Levonda Lizabell Lucile
Lala Le Roy Lew Lizabella Lucille
Lalla Lea Lewis Lizabelle Lucinda
Lamar Leah Lex Lizan Lucius
Lambert Lean Lexi Lizanne Lucrece
Lamya Leana Lexy Lizbeth Lucretia
Lan Leander Lia Lizzie Lucretius
Lana Leandre Liam Lizzy Lucy
Lance Leandrie Liana Llian Lucyanna
Lancelot Leanna Liandre Lloyd Ludovic
Landen Leanne Liane Llyr Ludwig
Landon Leannie Lianne Logan Luella
Lane Leck Libby Loic Luigi
Langley Ledie Liberty Loick Luis
Lani Ledley Lidija Lois Luisa
Lanice Lee Lies Loke Luiza
Lanie Leeann Liesbet Loki Lujain
Laniese Legarrette Liesbeth Lola Lujane
Lanna Lei Liesl Lolita Lujayn
Lanre Leica Liezl Lonni Lujayne
Lans Leif Lileth Lonnie Luka
Lara Leigh Lilia Lora Lukas
Laraib Leighann Lilian Loraine Luke
Laramie Leighsa Liliana Lorane Lukman
Laria Leila Liliane Lorelai Lulu
Larisa Leilani Lilibeth Lorelei Lumin
Larissa Lela Lille Loren Lumina
Larkin Leland Lillian Lorena Luna
Larra Len Lillith Lorenzo Lupo
Larraine Lena Lilly Loretta Luqman
Larry Leni Lilou Lori Luther
Lars Lennox Lily Lorna Lutwidse
Latavius Lenny Lin Lorne Lyann
Latif Lenore Lina Lorraine Lydia
Latifa Leo Lincoln Lot Lyell
Latifah Leon Linda Lottie Lyla
Latosha Leona Linden Loudon Lyle
Latoya Leonara Lindford Louella Lyn
Laughlin Leonard Lindsay Louelle Lynda
Launce Leonardo Lindsey Louis Lynee
Launcelot Leonie Lindy Louisa Lynette
Laura Leonisa Line Louise Lynn
Laure Leonor Linette Lourdes Lynna
Laurel Leonora Ling Lourelie Lynne
Laurelie Leopold Linn Lourinda Lynsey
Laurelle Lera Linsay Loveleen Lyon
Lauren Leroy Linsey Lovely Lyons
Laurence Les Linus Lovisa Lyra
Laurencia Lesa Linzi Lowell Lyric
Laurens Lesley Lionel Lowri Lyza
Laurent Lesley-Ann Lira

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