Four Kanji Idiom

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Japanese Reading Meaning
一刀両断 ittou ryoudan

taking decisive/drastic measure

一石二鳥 isseki nichou

killing two birds with one stone

不惜身命 fushaku shinmyou

dedicating one's life for a worthy cause

不言実行 fugen jikkou

work before talk, act before words

乾坤一擲 kenkon itteki

play for all or nothing; throwing all into a task

古今東西 kokon touzai

all times and places

可惜身命 kashaku shinmyou

valuing one's body and life

叱咤激励 shitta gekirei

loud encouragement

君子豹変 kunshi hyouhen

the wise readily adapt to changes

問答無用 mondou muyou

any further arguing is pointless, don't waste your breath

大器晩成 taiki bansei

great talents mature late

天下御免 tenka gomen

allowed by the world

天下泰平 tenka taihei

peaceful and tranquil world

晴耕雨読 seikou udoku

living in quiet retirement dividing time between work and intellectual pursuits

朝令暮改 chourei bokai

swings and roundabouts, fickle

森羅万象 shinra banshou

all things in the universe

画竜点睛 garyou tensei

the finishing touch

百鬼夜行 hyakki yakou

large number of people plotting and doing evil

盛者必衰 jousha hissui

the prosperous must fall

紅毛碧眼 koumou hekigan

red haired and blue eyed

美辞麗句 biji reiku

flowery language

言語道断 gongo doudan

outrageous, preposterous

跳梁跋扈 chouryou bakko

evildoers being rampant and roaming at will

軽佻浮薄 keichou fuhaku

rash and frivolous

雲散霧消 unsan mushou

vanishing like mist

面目躍如 menmoku yakujo

live up to one's reputation

風林火山 fuurin kazan

as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain

魑魅魍魎 chimi mouryou

evil spirits of rivers and mountains