Having problems using a Kanji Zone application

We display Japanese in text format Unicode(UTF-8) which is supported by the most latest browsers. However, if you can't see Japanse font, please select Unicode(UTF-8) under "Character Encoding" in your browser "View" menu.

Some of Kanji Zone's applications require Macromedia Flash Player is installed on your computer. If you cannot view an application, or it is not operating correctly, then you probably don't have the right plug-in. You can download and install Flash Player free from the MacroMedia Flash Player Download Site.

Kanji Zone has been produced using responsive web design.

Missing Kanji

Kanji Zone offers a selection of Japanese font libraries readily available over the internet. Unfortunately, some font libraries do not include all kanji. If you find your name translation is missing a particular kanji please select a different font or where possible choose an alternative translation for your name.

Browser versions

The Kanji Zone website has been developed to allow everybody with access to a personal computer with internet connectivity, on which a recent web browser has been installed, to work with the applications. Although care is taken not to rely on browser specific features the tool does not support all/old browser versions.

The web applications have been tested with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 65
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox 59

If you experience problems that could be related to a specific browser type, please first try one of the (freely available) browsers mentioned above. We do appreciate reports on browser specific problems to help us make the tools support more browsers.

Image Quality

The images that appear on your computer screen are of a low resolution. Higher quality image will be used for printing onto merchandise. Words may appear faint and illegible on your computer but will be larger and clearer on a T-shirt.

The default image size on the Kanji Zone image designer is currently set to the maximum image size for a Zazzle T-shirt. Please note you may have to reduce the size of the image to fit it onto a product other than a T-shirt, for example a coaster or mouse mat.