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Japanese Reading Meaning
ani older brother
imoto younger sister
ane older sister
musume daughter
mago grandchild
ototo younger brother
haha mother
chichi father
oi nephew
両親 ryoshin parents
伯母 oba aunt (older than one's parent)
伯父 oji uncle (older than one's parent)
兄弟 kyodai bother(s) , brothers and sisters
先生 sensei teacher
友情 yuujou friendship
双子 futago twin
叔母 oba aunt (younger than one's parent)
叔父 oji uncle (younger than one's parent)
子供 kodomo child
恋人 koibito sweetheart, boyfriend, girlfriend
息子 musuko son
愛人 aijin sweetheart, lover
曾孫 himago great grandchild
有難 arigatou thank you
祖母 sobo grandmother
祖父 sofu grandfather
親友 shinyuu best friend
従兄弟 ikoto cousin
祖祖母 sosobo great grandmother
祖祖父 sosofu great grandfather